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Yoga & Meditation Online

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavat

Kundalini. Hatha, Yin, meditaiton & breath techniques.


Ahhh yoga and meditation...Another of my great loves.

I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of health, physical condition or age. To me yoga is not about achieving the perfect asana, but about integrating body, mind & soul to bring about a wonderful sense of wellbeing, love, harmony & connection.

My classes are fun, informative and suitable for everyone. I use practices from different yoga traditions, sound healing, mudras, mantras & meditation. My aim is for you to experience a whole other level of being & connection.


Online Yoga & Meditation

I have met and practiced with so many wonderful friends in my life who have moved on to other countries and new lives.

A lot of these wonderful people have asked about online yoga classes so we still have the opportunity to practice together.

So I`ve decided to offer classes via Zoom. You name the time, the length of practice, the 'theme', For example - stress release, grounding, detox, chakra work. (We can discuss this together if you need ideas!) Organise your friends if you want to practice as a group (no need to be in the same location!) 

Find yourself a comfortable place, switch off your phone, light some candles and we meet and practice together 



30 minutes - 25 euros.

60 minutes - 45 euros.

90 minutes 60 euros.

For up to 6 people


'You know how there are lots of wonderful people we meet in life, but there are a handful who really stand out as just incredible human beings?  Debbie is one of those gems in life who brightens everything and everyone she touches.  I am so blessed to have met and spent so much time with Debbie as co workers and then in her wonderful yoga classes.   Each class is enriching to the mind, nourishing and invigorating to the soul, and physically invaluable.  This is all achieved in a wonderful cozy space, and in a very personable relaxed way.  Debbie leads by example continuing seemingly tirelessly through exercises practiced a bit beyond what I'd pull off at home.  One of my favorite moments was chanting a mantra near the end of class!