Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavat

Kundalini. Hatha, Yin, meditaiton & breath techniques.


Ahhh yoga and meditation...Another of my great loves.

I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of health, physical condition or age. To me yoga is not about achieving the perfect asana, but about integrating body, mind & soul to bring about a wonderful sense of wellbeing, love, harmony & connection.

My classes are fun, informative and suitable for everyone. I use practices from different yoga traditions, sound healing, mudras, mantras & meditation. My aim is for you to experience a whole other level of being & connection.


Online Yoga & Meditation

I have met and practiced with so many wonderful friends in my life who have moved on to other countries and new lives.

A lot of these wonderful people have asked about online yoga classes so we still have the opportunity to practice together.

So I`ve decided to offer classes via Zoom. You name the time, the length of practice, the 'theme', For example - stress release, grounding, detox, chakra work. (We can discuss this together if you need ideas!) Organise your friends if you want to practice as a group (no need to be in the same location!) 

Find yourself a comfortable place, switch off your phone, light some candles and we meet and practice together 



30 minutes - 25 euros.

60 minutes - 45 euros.

90 minutes 60 euros.

For up to 6 people


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