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5 Thumps

Kidney 27
Spleen Neurolymphatics
Spleen 21


Neurolymphatic Reflex Points

Massaging the neurolymphatic points everyday is like giving yourself a mini detox. You will feel lighter, have more energy, be able to think more clearly and be more balanced emotionally.These points can be pretty sensitive, you don't want to hurt yourself but you do want to massage deeply to get everything moving!If you are dealing with a long term illness just pick a few points to massage at first, maybe the ones that are the most sensitive. You don't want to overload and overwork your body by doing them all


Connecting Heaven & Earth

Connecting Heaven & Earth is a great Exercise to get your energies flowing and clear toxins. It's also works on the Earth Element of Stomach & Spleen...great for grounding. And the Wood Element of Liver & Gallbladder which really helps us detox and release any anger or frustration. The Healing sounds are shhhhh for the liver and whoooo for the Spleen


Garuda Mudra

One of my favourite mudras! Garuda Mudra is often used in India dance, It symbolises the Eagle and works on the element of Air, or in the Chinese Five Elements, the element of Metal

Using Garuda Mudra regularly can benefit the heart and lungs. When we connect the thumbs we are activating the Fire Element for transformation and purification. The other fingers, and the elements they represent, are stretched out and free, like great wings of an eagle.

Garuda Mudra gives us a sense of freedom and movement. It creates space in out physical bodies, our minds and our lives.

It cleanses and strengthens the lungs, frees the breath, opens the heart, oxygenates the blood and aids in waste elimination

It  balances our energy, our moods and our thoughts.

It is particularly powerful to use in Autumn, which is the time of the Metal Element in TCM. It is a time when the energies of the universe are turning inwards. It is a time of nourishment, reflection, inspiration, cleansing and clearing out that which no longer serves us.


Heal Your Liver

In the Chinese Five Elements the Liver belongs to the Wood Element, the time of the year is spring, colour green and the taste is sour. The Wood Element controls our ligaments, tendons and muscles and the sense organ is the eyes. When the qi or energy in our Liver system is out of balance, which can happen when we drink too much alcohol, eat to much rich, fried food, have too much stress in our lives or too little exercise...we can become angry, frustrated, inflexible, insensitive and are unable to move forward with our lives. We become stuck and stagnant. When our Liver energy is strong we become a Warrior! We are honest and truthful, solid and dependable. We have a clear vision of what we want and are able to take the steps the me need to achieve our goals. We can inspire and lead others.

An imbalance in the Wood Element can also lead to physical problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, muscle and tendon issues, visual disturbances, menstrual irregularities, digestive disturbances, allergies, cancer and more... 

Just using the simple healing sound of 'Shhhhhh' regularly can help keep you're liver healthy, balanced and happy.


Hook Up

The Hook Up connects two very powerful energy channels, Governing (Du Mai, reservoir for the yang meridians) and Conception (Ren Mai, reservoir for the yin meridians). When the energy in these channels are connected and flowing it activates what is known as the Microcosmic Orbit (more about that later!)


  • Regulates the energy in the twelve primary meridians

  • Helps us to remain present and centered

  • Give us increased abundance of energy throughout the body. 

  • Helps us feel calm and connected

  • Strengthens the auric field