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Testimonials: Testimonials

Debbie is gifted with a wonderful, engaging energy. I have participated in her yoga classes, learned from her energy medicine, and benefited from her energy medicine treatments. All experiences have been more than positive and have enriched either mind, body, or typically both. I can't thank her enough for introducing me to so many new and fascinating ways to live my life. Thanks Debbie! I look forward to the next retreat. XOXO P.S. You once made the best cup of tea I've had...ever!



I would like to send my sincere compliments to Debbie for the wonderful inspiration she is to everyone she touches. Her passion for her Yoga and her Energy treatments radiates to each of her clients. With each session I've enjoyed, I feel a new energy and calming peace. I love the Neil's Yard products that I probably never would have tried if it wasn't for her and her passion for the products and her belief in keeping everything in tune with nature. Thank you so much Debbie for everything you do :-)'



Seit einem halben Jahr mache ich Yoga bei Debbie. Sie ist hervorragend ! Ihr exzellentes Fachwissen von Körper und Seele des Menschen ist beeindruckend. Ihr herzliches Wesen mit Menschen umzugehen ist einmalig. Fühle mich Dank Debbie's Yoga energievoller, ausgeglichener, positiver und sportlicher. Bin so froh und dankbar sie zu kennen, eine Bereicherung fürs Leben.



Debbie, you are an amazing vibrant spirit!! Thank you for sharing your positive energy, and love with us. You are a generous, kind and fierce person. You created a wonderful atmosphere for the group as well as respecting everybody's pace without any judgement. We love you Joe and Eliana

Joe & Eliane


Debbie is inspirational and joy filled!! I can't express enough how rewarding it was to learn and share at Debbie's Alpen-retreat. She pays great attention to each individuals process and is great at tailoring the information for everyone involved. Thank you Debbie!



'Dear Debbie,
This is just something I have to tell you about ALL your efforts and work:
whether it be qigong, kundalini yoga, meditation or
the wide range of ENERGY treatments etc. you do it with a passion and this I KNOW because I feel the results. I always feel good in your classes and YOUR energy field. You know your "stuff", and you are passionate about it all AND you certainly know how to put it over.
When I´m back in town I look forward to meeting up again after such a large break.
I do many daily little routines....THANKS to your help and guidance
All the VERY best in the now and the future. You are a STAR and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.



Believe me, anything that Debbie does is done with a loving, open heart. I have no hesitation in recommending her - check it out, you won't be sorry and if you have the opportunity of attending one of her classes, or a treatment, grab it!



Yoga with Debbie is an absolute joy. Each class is dotted with her knowledge of a number of modalities, and her loving personality makes you want to come back for more!



I trained and studied with Debbie Eden Energy Medicine and her joyful nature is infectious and she lightens up the room. Combining Energy Medicine with QiGong is just so revitalising and soul nurturing. Love your spirit, Debbie



Have just returned from a weekend retreat with Debbie . 
Just want to say this lady is absolutely amazing - she will totally transform your life !
Such energy , such love , such interest , concern and enthusiasm for everyone .
Just wish she lived nearer 



Have just spent the most wonderful weekend with Kim Didden and Debbie Caruso at their fabulous wellness retreat on the Isle of Wight. Fantastic location to switch off from the stresses of life, take time out to rediscover how I work and how to improve my mind, health, body and soul. Yoga, walking, painting, cutting and sticking, drawing, mantra’s and breathing techniques, all in a mindful way, coupled with fantastic like minded ladies to share our journeys together. Looking forward to taking my learnings and discovery’s in to my normal life and getting myself back to where I want to be. Cannot wait for the next one ladies! Thoroughly recommend!

Jane (Saffy)


What an inspiring lady. I feel like a new woman!



Debbie is very knowledgeable and, with her boundless enthusiasm, she is a living, breathing, advertisement for the lifestyle she promotes!


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