Foot Reflexology

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the feet are the doorways to the body

For happy feet, improved nerve function & blood circulation. a stronger immune system and increased metabolism & energy levels


 There are 7,000-7,200 nerve endings in the human foot, more nerve endings per square inch than anywhere else in the entire body.   

When we work with the feet we are stimulating the energy flow through the nervous system and restoring balance to every organ and system resulting in better health, a sense of wellbeing and s deeply relaxed state

This treatment consists of reflexology followed by the Brazilian Toe Technique from Eden Energy Medicine.

The Brazilian Toe Technique is deeply relaxing. It includes a simple leg (from the knee down) and foot massage and concludes with 'holding' the ends/beginnings of the meridians of the toes.

The Brazilian Toe relieves stress, calms the nervous system, balances the body's polarities and strengthens emotional balance. It is also effective in reducing pain, insomnia, nausea, restless leg syndrome and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation   



75 minutes - 60 euros


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