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Too Many Holiday Choccies?

When we overindulge, especially with too much sugar (and let's face it...who hasn't done this! ) it can put our whole Spleen energy system out of balance...which can result in us craving even more sweet stuff! Spleen helps us metabolise not only what we put into our body but also our experiences and emotions. When it is out of balance (This includes not just the physical organ of Spleen but also the pancreas and spleen meridian) we can suffer physical symptoms such as poor appetite, bloating, low energy, immune deficiency, fatigue, weakness in the limbs and loose stools.

We can also suffer from cravings, addictive relationship to food, nervousness, obsessive worrying, muddles thinking, feelings of inadequacy and abandonment. So how do we get..and keep, our Spleen healthy through the holiday season? Below are some simple Eden Energy Medicine techniques to bring your Spleen back into balance.

Rub/Massage Spleen Neurolymphatics

Find the Spleen points on the picture and rub, massage or 'tap' them regularly for about 10 seconds. You don't want to be too gentle with these points but also don't hurt yourself! These points will be a little sensitive. If they are really need this! These points work by releasing toxins from our system. Any of the other points on the picture are also amazing to do and will greatly benefit your health

Massage/Hold Spleen 3

Massage Spleen 3, just after the 'bump' of the big toe. Your fingers will naturally fall into a dip. Spleen 3 is the source point for Spleen and will help bring the organ back into balance.

Connecting Heaven & Earth

This is a great exercise to get the energies flowing in Spleen, Stomach, Kidney and Liver Meridians and to rid the body of toxins. Watch video

Spleen Strengthening Points with Madison King

Use these acupressure points to bring the Spleen into balance and help you metabolize better

Watch video


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