• Debbie Caruso

Spoon Your Feet (or somebody else's!)

Use a stainless steel spoon and rub the bottom of the feet with the rounded side, you can go up and down or even better, make 'figure 8's' feels great!

Spooning the feet grounds us and connects us with the magnetic field of the earth...something all of us need these days! It is also very relaxing, soothing and great to use on your kids when they can't calm down

Here is what Donna Eden says about spooning the feet

“When someone is ungrounded, their polarities are switched. What this looks like to me is that the energies in their feet and lower legs are being repelled by the Earth. Normally and ideally, the energies given off by the feet are pulled into the Earth. That is a grounded connection. When the energies in the feet are repelled by the Earth, the energies in the lower legs become chaotic, not in a good flow. When I spoon someone’s feet, I can feel the energy pulled down from the foot toward the spoon, and I can see the energy line up and connect to the spoon. Suddenly you see the polarities shift. Now the energies that were being repelled by the Earth are flowing right into it. The person has become “grounded,” literally as well as figuratively.”


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