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Prithvi Mudra (Earth Seal)

Updated: Oct 19

Prithvi Mudra balances the Earth Element for strength, endurance, healthy weight & glowing skin

Connect the tip of the thumb (fire) with the tip of the ring finger (earth) Rest your hands on your knees or in your lap. Alternatively place the wrists on the knees with the fingers facing towards the Earth (my preferred method)

The Earth Element supports the physical body, therefore Prithvi Mudra can promote endurance and bring strength and nourishment to our bones, muscles, tissues & organs.

When done regularly it raises our energy levels, regulates body temperature, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and gives us glowing skin & shining, healthy hair.

It helps ground us and supports a stable mind, which is great not only for meditation, but for us to stay calm and connected through the stresses of daily lives.

The thumb is our fire element, the ring finger our earth element. When we join these together we create an energetic connection. The fire gives a spark of energy to earth.

Recommended practice is 35-45 minutes a day but this does not have to be done in one shot. In a perfect world we would practice in a quite place with focused awareness, but that is not always possible! So practice whenever you have time. On the bus, at the airport or in front of the tv. This mudra will still be effective.

There is some thought that this Mudra should not be practiced with anyone with asthma or compulsive obsessive behaviour as we add energy to the earth element which can aggravate these conditions. I am of the opinion that the body has an innate wisdom & intelligence and will only take the energy it needs to bring everything into balance.

As with everything, self awareness is key. Pay attention to how the Mudra feels to you.


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