• Debbie Caruso

Healthy Eyes

Here are a few simple, and quick, energy techniques to keep your eyes healthy

Make Figure 8's around the eyes with your fingers, both ways, you don't have to touch the skin but you can if you want to. This helps balance left and right brain hemispheres as well as balancing the energy of the eyes. When we figure 8, on the skin or in the energy field, we are crossing over some very important acupressure points

Lightly 'pinch' the skin around the eyes and on the eyelids, this brings fresh oxygen and qi to the eyes

Press acupressure point Bladder 1, on the inside corner of the eyes, The english name for this point is Bright Eyes and it is excellent point for eye health

Palm the eyes, rub both palms together to create heat and place them gently over closed eyes. This is very restful, not just for the eyes but also for the mind. 'Breath' in the warmth of the hands through the eyes. The centre of the palms have a very powerful, healing energy centre.

The Liver energy opens up to the eyes so look after your Liver.

A great acupressure point to massage for the liver and the eyes is liver 3

Close your eyes and turn them in and up as if you are looking in between the eyebrows at the Third Eye point. This activates the optic nerve and strengthens the eyes. It is said if you do this for 3 minutes every day all eye problems will disappear!


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