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Five Element Practice

Updated: Oct 19

I'm a very practical person and I love to share practical, easy techniques that can help anyone regardless of their condition. A lot of our problems - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual come from a lack of connection. If we cannot create a connection with our physical bodies, our densest energy and our homes for this lifetime. Then how can we expect to connect to our emotions, to our loved ones and to the natural world?

The body, the breath and sound take us deeper. They allow us to have a loving and nurturing relationship with ourselves. This practice is simple and amazing! It teaches us how to sense, feel and communicate with our inner world.

I've started this practice with the water element/kidneys, but you can start with another organ and complete the cycle from there, or just work with the one organ you feel would benefit the most.

For example a lot of people like to start with the lungs as they are responsible for the movement of breath and our qi or prana. Or you could follow each season. In Springtime start with liver, Summertime with heart, Late Summer with spleen, Autumn with lung and Winter with kidneys.

All the way through this practice you can keep your hands on the organ the whole time, or if it's more comfortable, warm the organ with your hands first then place your hands in your lap.


Kidneys - Water Element

Rub your hands to create warmth and place them on your kidneys, feel the warmth of your hands penetrate deep, giving your kidneys nourishment. Take a few deep breaths and feel your kidneys breath in the warmth.

Next inhale pure, healing energy into the kidneys, visualise the kidneys glowing a beautiful, deep ocean blue. Breath in comfort, flow and wisdom.

Exhale with Chhoooo, release any feelings of fear and hopelessness with the sound.

Feel the kidneys release and relax.

Do this 3 or 5 times. Sit for a few deep breaths tuning in to how the kidneys feel, notice a slight warmth or tingling as the kidneys are brought into harmony. Send love & gratitude to your kidneys, thank them for supporting you.

The kidneys rule the bones, bone marrow, spine and brain and open to the ears. They are the home of our deepest wisdom, our basic yin & yang, and Jing (original essence) which influences our genetic constitution, vitality & longevity.

Liver - Wood Element

Rub your hands to create warmth and place them on your liver. Take a few deep breaths and feel the liver soak in the nourishing warmth of your hands and breath.

On the next inhale breath in pure, healing chi directly into the liver. Feel the breath bring in a freshness, like new grass covered with morning dew. Breath in kindness and generosity. Visualise the liver turning into a beautiful spring green.

Exhale with Shhhhhhhhh, releasing any anger, resentment or frustration.

Feel the liver release and relax

Do this 3 or 5 times. Sit with a few deep breaths and tune in to how the liver feels, give thanks to you liver and enjoy the warmth and the slight tingling as the liver is brought into harmony.

The liver rules the tendons and ligaments and open to the eyes. It is responsible for the free flow of qi in our body and is in charge of our visions, ideas and dreams.

Heart - Fire Element

Move on to the heart. Rub your hands and place them on the centre of the chest (heart chakra) Take a few breaths and inhale the warmth and nourishment from your hands.

Inhale pure, healing energy directly into the heart centre, turning it into a beautiful, vibrant red. Bring in a deep warmth like a fire on a cold winters night. Breath in joy, love and a feeling of deep contentment.

Exhale with Haaaaaaa, releasing any heartache, anxiety & nervous energy with the breath.

Do this 3 or 5 times and then sit quietly, sending love and gratitude to your heart. Notice how your heart centre/chest tingles and feels warm. Feel the shift in your energy.

The heart controls the blood vessels and opens to the tongue. It houses the body's spirit (Shen) our 'higher self' and is responsible for our intelligence, consciousness and spiritual transformation.

Spleen - Earth Element

Rub your hands to create warmth and place them on your spleen. Take some deep breaths bringing in warmth and nourishment directly into your spleen.

Now breath in pure, healing chi into the spleen. When it enters your spleen it turns a beautiful yellow like the late afternoon summer sun. Breath in acceptance, equanimity and trust.

Release with whoooooo, letting go of any worry, obsession and self doubt with the breath. As you release the sound feel how your body sinks a little and feels more connected to Mother Earth.

Do this 3 or 5 times. Sit for a few moments and breath deeply. Send thanks and love to your spleen. Feel safe, nourished and grounded.

The spleen supports digestion and assimilation. It is in charge of the muscles and the solidity of our physical bodies, and opens to the mouth. It houses our thoughts and intentions, and is responsible for our analytical thinking.

Lungs - Metal Element

Rub your hands to create warmth and place them on your lungs, Breath deeply drawing in warmth and nourishment as you feel your lungs rejoice.

Now breath in pure, healing chi. As this healing chi reaches your lungs they turn into a beautiful, shining white. Breath in inspiration and everything that is pure and new.

Exhale with sssssssss, releasing the old, the stale, and any sadness or grief that has been held for too long in your lungs. It is time to let go.

Do this 3 or 5 times. Sit quietly and breath and send gratitude and love to your lungs. feel how much space and flow you have created. Breath is the link between the physical and the subtle. When we create space in our lungs we have the potential for powerful connection in our lives.

The lungs control the skin and open to the nose. They connect our inner world with the outer world through the skin and the breath. They are responsible for our self preservation, dignity, integrity and self esteem.

You can end here, or do kidney (or whichever organ you started with) one more time to 'close the circle' At the end sit for a few moments and visualise your organs glowing beautiful colours, feel how much more connected and balanced you feel. Give thanks to your organs, your body and your breath.

Debbie x


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