• Debbie Caruso

Connecting with the Elements

The Five Element theory lays at the very core of many traditions. It consist of different principles and energetic states that govern all of existence. When these Five Elements are in balance there is harmony, when they are not in balance, there is dis-harmony.

This is an easy, beautiful way to bring the all our Five Elements into balance. I use the Elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space but if you are working with the Chinese Five Elements....Metal is the same as Air, and hug a tree for Wood 😉 First...go outside! Even to the local park or your garden. Connect with the Earth, if possible barefoot. Feel how solid and supporting the Earth is, how the Earth nourishes us and gives us what we need. Lay down on the Earth or dig in your fingers and toes. Feel how the Earth holds us and makes us feel safe. Connect to the solidity of your own body, appreciate and be grateful for your physical body and how it supports and takes care of you. Connect with Water, go to a lake or river. Feel how water is old...wise. How it flows over and around any obstacle. No fear, no thoughts. Just a deep instinct, natural connection and playfulness. If you are not near water, take a shower or drink a glass of water. Feel how it flows over or through the body, how it cleanses. Connect with your inner 'water'. The fluids of the body and how they keep everything lubricated, flowing and at ease. Water contains our dreams, hopes, imagination, mysteries and pure potential. Connect with Fire, feel the warmth of the sun on your face. The warmth connects us to a deeper part of ourselves. Our passion, joy and bliss. Feel how the heat can transform and purify. Think of a fire, how it dances and feeds us at a soul level. If the sun isn't out, light a fire or a candle, or simply connect with your own inner fire, your power and energy, the heat of your digestive system. Be aware of how it feeds & nourishes you. keeps you feeling 'alive' and 'excited' about your life. Connect with Air, feel the breeze on your face. Listen to the wind rustle in the trees. Feel how the wind is flexible and free. without restriction or restraints. Notice the in and out flow of breath in your lungs. It is our life force, our vitality. It brings in life giving prana and releases what our bodies do not need. It teaches us to do the same in our lives. To know when to let go and move on. It inspires, it takes us higher. It raises us up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Connect with Space, where all other Elements exist. Feel the space around your physical body. Where you are in space right now. Feel the space in your body, we are not solid, we are 99% space. Connect with that space, it's incredibly freeing! Connect to the space of the mind. The mind can go anyway and experience anything without constriction if we just let it be. It has infinite possibilities!

Be grateful for the wonder that is you 'Working with the raw natural elements is a process of connecting with the external elements and internalising their qualities. Doing this ultimately leads to connection with the essence of the elements which, in the shamanic path, is considered part of the Soul. At this level, connecting is healing' Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


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