Indian Head Massage

A beautiful centuries old traditional treatment from India using warm essential oils

Releases tension & headaches. Stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, encourages the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, balances the energy in the higher centres and is great for the hair!


Indian Head Massage was developed by and for women in India with the aim of stimulating long, healthy hair and is part of the health care practice of Ayurveda

Head massage stimulates the central nervous system and encourages the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid. Improves blood circulation and promotes greater mental alertness, relieves stress and provides a beautiful, sound nights sleep

Other benefits are the prevention of premature greying & hair loss. Stronger hair roots and shiny, healthy hair.

I complete the treatment with a beautiful technique known as the Black Pearl Sanctuary which brings you into a wonderful, meditative state and an increased sense of peace, safety and comfort.



75 minutes - 60 euros


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