Energy Coaching

If you are to thrive you must participate in the evolution of your bodies energy patterns``

Donna Eden


A combination of my two passions in life, energy practices and sport. I have personally experienced what it is like to suffer burnout, injuries, lack of motivation and stress suffered by not listening to my physical, energetic & emotional state while training and racing. 

Today there are so many new (and old)  effective techniques & practices that can give us that extra edge and keep us performing at our very best...with a strong physical body, a clear, sharp & focused mind, and a relaxed state of being. When everything is in harmony it is much easier to achieve the `flow state` and function at our very best

Using different techniques from energy medicine, yoga, qigong, acupressure, meditation, mindfulness & breathwork I will work with you to help you achieve your peak performance which will result in:

  • A stronger physical body & less injuries.

  • Less stress & a clear and focused mind.

  • A stronger immune system, better sleep & less illness

  • Transform negative to positive thought patterns and visualizations

  • Stay motivated & consistent in your training

  • Relieve toxin build up

  • Techniques to recover faster 

  • More joy in you life & sport!



75 minutes - 60 euros

5 sessions - 250 euros

Includes 15 minutes consultation/homework per appointment 


Whatever challenge you want to face in your life. Energy practices can give you more energy, better sleep, increased  endurance and better focus & motivation.


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