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Breathwork: Service

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take
But by the moments that take our breath away

Maya Angelou

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It all starts and finishes with the breath...

Your breath is the bridge between body, mind and spirit

Between our inner world and outer world

Working with the breath gives us health, vitality, emotional wellbeing & stillness. It allows us to be totally present and deeply connected. 

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Breath is life...Yet most of us are still not aware of how we breath. Whatever we do in our lives, if we are not breathing correctly we are not functioning at our very best.

When we work with the breath we can release stress, disharmony & emotional imbalance.

We also create a sharp & focused mind, increased awareness, an ability to handle any type of stress and a physical body charged with strength & vitality! 

I will teach you techniques to relax the diaphragm and strengthen the lungs. The correct way to breath and different breath practices & meditations techniques depending on what you personally would like to achieve

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75 mins - 60 euros

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